What Are The Laws In Mongol Society

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Laws in Mongol Society, were introduced to us by Genghis Khan. They were mainly focused on three things: obeying Genghis Khan, keeping the tribes unified and stopping doing wrong things or the person would be harshly punished. There are considered to be 22 laws, but I find the following the most important ones to me:

There were 2 social systems in Mongol Society- Social ranking and Military ranking.
In Social raking, the most important person is Khan (Genghis Khan). Khan is a Mongolian King, he was considered to be the leader of all. Then, there were Ilkhans. They were ruled by Khan and their job was to oversee the regions of the empire. After that went Boyans, generals of Ordu, which commanded an Ordu. Unlike other ranks, Boyan could be,
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