What Are The Legal Implications Of The Sermon Recordings?

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BACKGROUND: Houston rapper Slim Thug has released a new album titled “Hogg Life Vol. 2” which contains a song titled “Chuuch.” This song contains two segments which contain audio records of sermons spoken by Joel Osteen but Slim Thug had not received permission to use these recordings before publishing the album. ISSUE: Issue #1: What is the issue with Slim Thug using the sermon recordings? What rights are being violated? Issue #2: What are the remedies in this situation? How can Lakewood stop the use of the sermons? Issue #3: What are the legal implications of not stopping the use of the sermons? Will anything happen to the copyright if we fail to stop its infringement? CONCLUSION: Issue #1: The problem with the use of the sermon recordings is that this is a form of direct copyright infringement. Three rights are being violated: reproduction, adaption, and distribution. Issue #2: There are five traditional remedies for the violation of a copyright but all occur in the course of litigation or during some form of ADR. Besides litigation, copyright infringement cases may be settled through the use of a cease and desist letter or both parties agreeing to some form of alternative dispute resolution. Issue #3: The legal implications of not enforcing Lakewood’s rights under the copyright is that the statute of limitations is only three years on this type of legal action. This means that any delay in sending a cease and desist letter or attempting ADR brings the defense

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