What Are The Main Characters Of The Other Wes Moore

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Critical analysis of the social justice aspects for the main characters of the other Wes Moore
Every human has the right to equal opportunity in life; such opportunities should include the ability to have a stable income to cover basic needs, opportunity to education, and safer neighborhoods. However, not everyone seems to have those equal opportunities. In the memoir, The Other Wes Moore, the author describes those aspects as a serious social justice issues. Social Justice is based on the principle that every human has the right to civil liberties, responsibilities, moral freedom, etc. In the book, social justice was obvious; there were not equal opportunities for the boys in the cities of West Baltimore and the Bronx. In both cases of the Wes Moore; The lack of unemployment was a major play for the fact that both kids were unable to have a good education, lack of safe neighborhoods, and unstable income. Those factors at some point of the book drove the characters to make choices that were not the best for their future. The author of the book, Wes Moore, describes the different opportunities and life style he had with another person who shared the same name. The similarities that those boys had when they were younger were significant. Both boys grew up without a paternal figure and their mothers had to work extremely hard to take care of the rest of the family; they were constantly moving from city to city to ensure education and safety. Their mothers had to work excessive number of hours to cover the most basic needs. Living in poverty changed the future of the boys.
The life outcome that Wes Moore, the author, had was different from the other Wes More. He was doing bad in his education as well with his interactions with the family. Every teacher declared that Wes was a poor student and was unmotivated to pay attention in class. The teachers came to conclusion that Wes had a problem socializing, however; Wes “was a victim of a monocultural educational environment that alienates and denigrates him” (Sue, 230). The school staff was unable to see that the problem existed within the institution/ environment and not on Wes, because they were focusing only in one culture which made Wes feel as an outsider. The

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