What Are The Major Changes Of The Sui Tang And Song Dynasty

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Major changes in political structure, social and economic life define the Sui, Tang, and Song dynasties. Each period laid the foundation for the next, with changes and improvements to create a new order. China is one of the world’s richest historical countries boasting of ancient civilization. China has a mysterious and long history, about 5,000 years. China traces her culture to a blend of small tribes like any other great civilizations of the world. These small original tribes expanded to what is China today. The history of China records that Xia Dynasty is the oldest dynasty with Yuanmou man being the oldest hominoid in China. The country also documents a number of eminent people who contributed to the nation’s enrichment and development experienced today. However, this essay seeks to discuss the major changes in political structures, social and economic life that occurred during the Sui dynasty, the Tang dynasty and the Song dynasty in China. The Sui dynasty reigned from 581 – 618 A.D. The emperor built monasteries for both Buddhism and Daoism throughout the land, and appointed Buddhist monks as his key advisors. The Han system of examination based on the Confucian classics were revived. Taxation was reformed, and a census was introduced to create equitable tax collection. Also, a land grant was given to every taxable male. Once a male turned 60 years old, part of the land was returned to the government, the rest could be passed on to his heirs. This was also a
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