What Are The Methods Of Health Promotion And Wellness?

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Methods for marketing: My strategy for marketing can be started on facebook, we can create a public page that discusses the healthcare promotion and wellness to the whole people generally and seniors particularly. We can send an invitation to our friends. We should ask our friends to add more seniors to this page to increase their awareness about health promotion and wellness. The second way of marketing is Pamphlets: this method includes some simple sentences and simple shapes about our program for increasing fitness for seniors and the advantages of this program. They can be independent in the activity of daily living and gain more self-esteem and confidence, they can increase their balance and decrease the risk of fall, they can…show more content…
Also, we can make free visits to the clinic and make video and power point to them about health promotion and wellness. D- Strength and weakness: Weakness Strength 1- health care members do not aware of the benefits of health promotion and wellness. 2- seniors do not aware of the health promotion and wellness and the importance of physical therapy. 3- older people do not aware of the common diseases and problems that associated with aging. 4- limited knowledge about the experience of others physical therapist on the ways for promoting the health of the seniors due to limited time. 5- lack of funds to do a proper advertising on media ( flyer and brochures). 6- most of elder people do not aware of how to use social media especially facebook, so using facebook as a marketing strategy is not the suitable way for them. 1- increase health promotion and wellness, so decrease the disabilities of geriatrics, for example, decrease the risk of fall through increase the balance 2- inexpensive way of advertising through facebook advertising and notification. 3- A start to improve the awareness of health promotion and wellness for the healthcare practitioners and the geriatric population.(although limited area of ads) 4- Based on the assessment of needs for the geriatric population, this program will be effective in promoting the health through decrease the risk of fall due to balance loss, endurance improvement that will reflected on the general health, and

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