What Are The Most Important Business Issues And Goals For Pharm Universe?

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Pharm Universe Case

1. What are the most important business issues and goals for Pharm Universe?
Ans. Pharm Universe was founded nine years ago and is a relative newcomer to the pharmacy industry. It basically is just like a kid trying to make big in the Major league and is learning the rules of the games as it evolves and has a lot to learn. In the case of Information Security Pharm Universe has a lot of ground to cover, especially when Industrial espionage is common in the pharmaceutical industry.
Having its main focus on research, they have a very casual attitude towards Information Security and they mostly take it for granted their ‘wait and see’ attitude might just harm them in the long term. Their key goal is to safeguard their
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All the security testing is irregular and only done just meet compliance, which needs to be made a regular policy, in order to keep up-to-date with any security loopholes as newer threats keep on emerging on the daily basis. It is prevalent that the current controls in place are inadequate and a lot of revamping is needed.

2. What are the managerial, organizational and technological issues and resources related to this case?
Ans. Pharm Universe is growing rapidly and is facing multiple issues, especially in the case of information security. These issues aren’t just limited to the business part they span over multiple aspects of the organization.
 The funding for information security is not regulated, threats of cutting down the budget by management can be detrimental in the long term.
 Management is ignorant towards the wrong practices which are prevalent in the organization and are Skeptical towards the changes which can improve them.
 Senior management scarcely knows about necessary and basic security methods like virtual private networks (VPNs) and file permissions and are uninclined to use these also because doing so would be troublesome that would slow their research progress.

 The organization lacks an ‘Information-centric’ security structure which may hamper its chances to implement a good security policy
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