What Are The Most Important Qualities Of A National Honor Society

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I was very flattered when I was told that I would be eligible for the National Honors Society. In the beginning, my main concern was the essay. I thought that maybe it may prove to be quite challenging to “brag” about myself, and to prove myself unique and special enough to stand out so I could be accepted into the program. However, considering the plans and ambitions I have for my own future, the essay did not prove that hard considering the incentive I have. Joining the National Honors Society is for the benefit of myself, not for anyone else. One of the most important qualities of someone who wishes to be successful is scholarship. Education and learning are factors that are so vital in being a successful individual. Any career path that anyone wishes to take requires some form of education. I myself…show more content…
If I am involved in my community, then that shows how much I care. Also, a part of being successful in life is being able to focus on other things than yourself. Taking part in caring for my community would help me be a better person and to be more humble in everyday life. Also, like always, I consider how it will help me get into college. Colleges may be more likely to accept someone who is extremely involved in their own community. One of the biggest challenges I have is finding the time to do community service, which is definitely something the National Honor Society can help me improve on. Character is the disposition of an individual that is very important to who that person is. My character is determined by what I do in my everyday life and the day to day choices I make. My individuality is very important to who I am as a person and sets me apart from everybody else that may be taking part in the National Honor Society. If and when I am accepted, I will work every day to make my character known and able to be recognized in a sea of others who want to be just as successful as I
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