What Are The Negative Stereotypes Of African Americans Affect The Media

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This research paper’s purpose is to explore the history of negative stereotypes of African Americans on television during the past several decades. Because of African Americans’ status as a minority within the United States, it is pertinent to showcase how this community is presented on network television for the entire country to view. Even in a society that is more receptive to differences between individuals due to the success of the Civil Rights Movement, the way the African American community has not always been portrayed in a positive manner. Furthermore, a part of this research will delve into the effects that adverse typecasting has had on the perception of African Americans by those inside (children and adolescents) and outside of the community such as further marginalization within a predominantly Caucasian society. In doing so, possible solutions will be discussed as to how favorable renditions of African Americans can become more frequent on TV. Concurrently, programs that are attempting to do show will be highlighted. Keywords: racial stereotypes, African American, media literacy, cultural studies, television, racism The History of Stereotyping of African Americans on Television and its Effects Although the African American image has become increasingly recognizable on modern-day television, that image is not always a positive one. Whether this was intentional or not, research has been conducted that highlights the effects of this denigration on the

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