What Are The Objectives Of The League Of Nations

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The League of Nations was borne out of collective desire of the nations around the world to prevent war, promote world peace and stability. According to Ebegbulem (2011), the unprecedented destruction and death caused by World War I spurred the victorious nations into formalizing a system of collective security in the form of League of Nations. The primary motive of the League of Nations was to prevent/deter or address any aggression by a state through collective response from other states, thereby ensuring collective security. By ensuring collective security, the member states aimed to discourage an aggressor nation from waging war against the victim nation through the prospect of the aggressor having to face the collective power of the members who were signatories to the ‘League of Nations’. The League of Nations aimed to achieve peace by linking national and international security issues to the promotion of economic development of its member countries (Schwabach & Cockfield, n.d.). The other objectives of the
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The assembly consisted of the members of the league and were scheduled to meet at regular intervals. These meeting were held to deal with any matter within the sphere of influence of the League or which had the potential to affect world peace. Each members of the League had one vote and could not have more than three representatives (Dorn, 2008).
2) The council consisted of representatives of the Principal allied and the associated power together with representatives from four-member countries of the League. The non-permanent four-member team of the council were to be elected through two-thirds majority vote. At council meetings, each member of the League had one vote and was allowed one representative (Dorn,
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