What Are The Odds You Ride A Bull?

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I was at my cousin’s birthday party at a trampoline park. One of the activities I could do was ride a mechanical bull. I had always wanted to try one, but I had never had the opportunity. My sister suddenly said, “What are the odds you ride the bull?”. She counted down, “One, two, three”, and like it was fate, we both said fourteen. It turns out I have a hidden talent for bull riding; I broke the monthly record on the hardest level with a time of thirty seven seconds. Throughout my life, I’ve always been an adventurous and fearless person. Strangers could see I’m both an adventurous and fearless person by my enjoyment of traveling, by my hiking, and by trying new things. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed traveling. I have traveled to over 15 different states…show more content…
When traveling, I like to try new and unique foods. My favorite unique food that I’ve tried is Mexican kolaches from a small family-owned restaurant in Austin, TX. I also enjoyed stand up paddleboarding in Austin, TX, which I tried for the first time last summer on vacation. My cousin told me, “My favorite thing about you is that you’re always willing to try something once; even if it scares you to death, you never pass up an opportunity.” My biggest fear is having regrets about not doing or trying something. Therefore, I always try to take risks and try everything at least once.
Being adventurous has a different definition for everyone; what I see as adventurous may be someone else’s everyday life. For me, being adventurous means going outside of your comfort zone, whatever that may be. I try to exemplify this by going to new places, by hiking, and by trying everything. In my opinion, everyone should try to be more adventurous; even if it isn’t something very risky, we should never miss out on something that life has to offer. Living by this philosophy has made me realize that adventure is everywhere around us, if only we choose to see
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