What Are The Optorual Standard Of Work?

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1.“According to a recent report by the WorldWeave foundation, a nonprofit organization funded by American Garment workers’ unions, Transterra owns five factories in Third World companies” This violates the intellectual standard of accuracy. The author fails to recognize that the reader might not have any knowledge over this foundation which might make them doubt whether to trust the author or not. This could be fixed my simply by adding a source or work cited to go with his statement, in order to reassure the reader and make his writing more credible. The reader would be able to read more information about the foundation. 2. “All the factory employees, no matter how young, work ten-hour shifts at physically exhausting and mentally …show more content…

In order to fix this the author could give an explanation could have been given for the specific observation that most workers were female. The author could have explained why this work environment could be a problem. Part 2. Fallacies 1.“Think about it: a little girl the age of average fifth grader, working hour after hour without a break admit the deafening roar of machinery trying to keep up… without getting her fingers sliced off, trying not to collapse…”. The first logical fallacy that is used is emotive language. When the author mentioned the little girl who is of fifth-grade age, the statement is compelling an emotional response. Also for the readers to feel pity towards the issue. 2. “We can demand that Cromwell obtain its logo merchandise only from garment companies with socially responsible labor practices, and we can refuse to wear or purchase and Cromwell clothing until the college switches to an acceptable apparel supplier.” This statement used the fallacy of false dilemma. The writer presented to extremes of what things can be done to solve the problem in the factories. If they are going to demand that the school only 3. “If we continue to wear and buy Cromwell logo apparel we become accomplices in the abusive employment practices of Transterra Textiles”. This is a slippery slope, suggesting that if one thing happens then another thing will necessarily follow too.

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