What Are The Political Factors Of Apple

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For many years, new emerging technologies and innovation, fast changing businesses and social organizations, it is crucial for a company wanting to persist and be successful in the competitive business environment. They need to adapt, flexible, aggressive and innovative to the environment as well as the threats globally in order to survive in this modern world (Morris and Kuratko, 2002). Consequently, entrepreneurship has turned out to be significant as a field of research in the academic world. Apple is one of the biggest technological designers in the world which manufactures and markets personal computer and technological gadgets such the well know iPod, iPhone, iPad and other hardware and software products. However, in this report,

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Another important aspect is competitive regulations, taxes, government regulations, employment policies and political stability of the entering country. For example, when Apple entering new country it should know its regulations on imported products and tax legislations. Political instability also can affect Apple's sales and distribution channels and trade barriers of the country. As we know Apple is US Company and it is a big advantage for it as the country has a lot of trade agreements with many countries including trade unions.

Technological factor - As technology is growing fast it is a big advantage for Apple because if it continue innovates like today it will be able to keep a pace of the high technology growth in the world. Increasing demand in technology can lead the company to new success.

Economic factor - The main economic factors can be taxation policies, economic development of a country, exchange rate, inflation, living standards, average income. The purchasing power of buyers and the ability of people to buy Apple's products as it targeted to medium and high class people


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