What Are The Positive Effects Of Speed Camera

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On the hand, positive effect of speed cameras is economic benefit.
According to the survey, only in United Kingdom, car crashes got the live of 3100 people and more (Pettinger). The total economic cost of the car accident death is predicted as about 1 million including money spend on police and hospitals. If speed cameras were used more often, it would have save many people’s life. According to the data, in 2002, 3431 were dead because of the car accident and more than 33 percent of the deaths were happened because of the over speed. The Association of Chief Police Officers says that the most affectable factor to the car incident is speed, which is over drink driving or drug driving. Another positive effect of speed camera is that it is benefit to the environment. Basically, lower speed will make lower fuel consumption and this helps to decrease carbon emissions and also global warming. On the other hand, disadvantage of speed camera, is that there is no way to prove its safety. NMA, The National Motorist’s Association believes that the companies that sell the speed camera gears and operations
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Even though it will not protect from total injury or death, it is helpful by doing the duty of cushioning the passengers. Like seatbelt does, airbags decrease the impact that passengers receive directly and also reduce the force by spreading it over wide areas. For other parts in the air bag, there is Crash Sensor that is in the car to sensor the force receives when car accident happens and the direction of an impact. When the sensor detects the force highly enough, it sends the sign which will set off the igniter and that will lead up to inflating the air bag. When a car receives a harsh crash, small electric charge will run and the chemicals around them will create a gas and that is the principle of inflating the air
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