What Are The Positive Impact Of Data Communication?

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Data communications is the spread of the digital data between two or more computers and a computer network or data network is the broadcastings network that allows computers to interchange data. This connection between networked network and computers is done by using either cable media or wireless media. In this paper we will talk about the wireless media. The best known computer network is the Internet.
What do we mean by wireless?
Wireless is a word used to describe telecommunication in which electromagnetic waves transfer the signal over part or all of the communication path.
Now a days we can say that humans is now almost completely connected, the wireless network has been used almost everywhere in Qatar and for sure it includes the
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For instance, it have increased the sociability among people no matter where the person is you can contact him, also it have effected them in many fields such as, business field: the way that people used to conduct business have changed with the present of networks it become much easier , faster and cheaper than before. It also made the society smarter and more knowledgeable means anywhere you are you can search about whatever you need to know. Communication networks have generated a new scene of social and political change.

2-Negative Impact on society
Although the using the internet via wifi have so many positive impacts it also have negatives. there is so much dishonesty and unsuitable information existing on the internet without any limitations. Kids can access to a mature related things and other stuff which is not appropriate for their age. Which could lead to a huge problems in the future of our socity.it could also increase the number of crimes since anyone have access to the network so the massive user base of this world contains some mantle ill minds as well their purpose of using the web is to disturb
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