What Are The Problems Of Living In Developing Countries

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When I think of the people starving in the world, I don’t think of it being in the developed countries. I think of it being in developing countries like Syria and China. There are so many more developing countries, but those are the first two I think of. A major problem in developing countries is that people are starving. Over the summer, I spent a lot of time visiting family because during the school year I get too busy. Most of my summer I spent time with my aunt Leslie; she loves to cook and make our big family dinners. She always volunteers to make Thanksgiving dinner, so that is where most of the family travels too. I have the bad habit of getting more than I can eat. When this happens, my aunt just throws away the food or gives it to her dog. My aunt Leslie doesn’t even consider saving it, she just disposes of it. When I’m with my aunt, I always see her waste food. She just throws it away because she doesn’t need it anymore. I would say that most people, that have access to food waste it at times. It’s not something that people do intentionally. Also, the average individual that has the access to food, isn't healthy/good food. Many people eat fast food, knowing it is not good for them, but at times that's all they can get. A plethora of people lack empathy for the people that get fast food even though that’s all they can afford; however; have empathy for the people who go to places like soup kitchens. A lot of people in the United States are spoiled
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