What Are The Problems Of Participation Of Students

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The participation of youth with older age group (26-35 years) are slightly higher (59%) than the younger respondents (18-25 years). It may be a reason that older age youth are living in the place all the times and face the problems either personal level or community level, so they would be coming forward to solve their problems. The participation of male and female is almost same. however, Female participation is slightly higher (56%) over male (55%). There is higher variance among respondents belonging to different castes. The lowest participation is among ST (38%), followed by OBC (47%) and General (56%). The participation of SC is highest among all, which is double (76%) of ST. The awareness index of SCs are highest (58%), so their…show more content…
Membership of youth respondents is 53%, higher in Odisha as compare to Maharashtra (45%). Participating in voluntary activities for community services as well as helping others is 80%. Helping others and community services, the youths in Maharashtra are active than in Odisha. Half of youth attend Gram Sabha/ Palli Sabha. Again, the number is higher in Odisha compare to Maharashtra. only one third youth actively participation in Gram Sabha/ Palli Sabha for asking relevant questions or giving relevant suggestion for the development of their community. the youth in Maharashtra mostly sign / support petition or application (33%) as compare to Odisha youth (22%). Odisha youth have confronted with government and political leaders like protesting or boycotted during election, reaching out to government, elected representatives and media for resolving their issues more than Maharashtra. the exposure to media (TV and newspaper) is very high (71%) among youth in both states across Gram Panchayats including tribal regions. Overall, the action of youth to resolve their issues by officials is very low in terms of reaching out to government officials or protesting the establishment, actively participating in Gram Sabha or signing any petition. This is comparatively lowers than their civic participation in helping others or community work. Civic Participation • Membership: 53% respondents
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