What Are The Pros And Cons Of Eugenics

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“Eugenics” --- the Greek equivalent of “good birth”, was a scientific term coined by Sir Francis Galton in the 18th century. He believed that all human traits were inherited. Eugenics was promoted as a set of beliefs and practices that would genetically improve the human race through selective breeding. “Positive” eugenics encouraged the breeding of “socially desirable” genes while “negative” eugenics would improve the society by hindering the reproduction of individuals who possessed “defective” traits.
His studies concluded that the “inferior” were reproducing at a far greater pace than eminent families , and eugenics was the solution to a better society. As far as I am concerned, eugenics, however, does the opposite for the society. It
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Eugenics served as a justification for underlying aims of the state, to reduce the cost of welfare. Human rights were hence forcibly taken away from these people with the justification of eugenics and the greater good. In addition, Germany also credited the involuntary sterilizations of four hundred thousand Germans and inhumane surgeries on the prisoners in the camps to the scientific theory. Hence, policymakers exercised their ideologies of what is best for society, on individuals, and justified their breach of human rights, with the “scientific”…show more content…
The sick is not healed, and neither are hopes raised for the misfortunates. In the pretext of a noble cause to “improve humanity”, eugenics simply favors and multiplies the fortunate individuals with “favorable” traits, and in the name of science, ostracises the “undesirables”. This makes it harder for one to be convinced that Eugenics is all that noble and beneficial to the improvement of humanity after all.
Eugenicists claimed that individual rights should be sacrificed for the greater good, so humans will be able to live longer, healthier, and have higher intelligence. As a starter, eugenicists do not seek for perfect traits, but they aim to create the perfect human being , according to their perception of ideals. The society, however, requires diversity to thrive, and the pluralistic of human traits for evolution and natural selection to happen. Limiting the society’s biodiversity will eventually leave the human race vulnerable to unanticipated changes in the
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