What Are The Pros And Cons Of Villas

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What is a villa?
Villas originated in Italy. They used to be the country houses of the city dwellers who wanted to unwind amid peaceful surroundings at different time of the year. Many of the Italian villas still fulfil similar needs. Ironically though, their popularity is no longer limited to the country itself. They are now one of the most common architectural types of family home seen worldwide.
Villas as your permanent home vs villas as your holiday home
Many luxury villas still continue to be seasonal getaways. They act like a secondary home where families meet during the holidays, invite friend and have a merry time together. Luxury villas like these are not geographically limited to any specific region. However, they are generally in largest numbers just outside the vicinity of a
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You will need a clearance for the site on which you are about to build your new home. You will also need your plan sanctioned. Expect inspections from the authorities when the work is in progress. Do not make any alternation to the original plan without taking prior permission.
Pros & cons
Over a period of time, maintaining a large house may become irksome. So assess the requirements of your family. If you are building a weekend home, make sure you are have people to look after your house in your absence. You may look into some of the monetising opportunities for this secondary home.
Maintenance & costs
Calculate the maintenance cost of your house well in advance. Understand, that it needs yearly tending. Not thinking of this aspect well in advance make many dream dwelling turn into a nightmare. The cost of yearly maintenance may shot up to 3% of the cost of the house.
There are other recurrent costs that you need to take into account too. This includes costs of electricity, cleaning and service charges, maintaining the security of the premises
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