What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Dakota Access Pipeline

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There are many pros that come along with the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The pipeline will have a low cost, safe, and environmentally friendly effect if it gets put in (Energy Transfer, 2016). It also has many economic pros. It will create many new jobs and will also increase demand for those that manufacture steel pipes, pumps, and other materials that will be needed to build this pipeline (Energy Transfer, 2016). The pipeline will also have a great impact on different local services. Local economies will have a direct impact as the use of hotels, restaurants, and other services expand along the route. Local schools, roads, and emergency services be impacted positively as the pipeline will produce an estimated $55 million dollars annually (Energy Transfer, 2016). Nationally, the pipeline will have a great impact as well. The United States will become more energy independent with the addition of this Dakota Access pipeline. With the significant increase in the North Dakota Bakken, there needs to be transportation networks that are reliable…show more content…
To me, it just seems as though the pipeline will only give the government more power. The fact that the government will be able to possess private property needed for the pipeline without the owner's consent, (The Government Quietly Just Approved This Enormous Oil Pipeline, 2016), doesn't seem right. I'm also very concerned about the affect it will have on the native people. I don't think it's a good idea to put the water supply of the Native American Sioux Tribe in danger. It's not right to put their lives on hold just because this pipeline is being built. Considering the fact that the Dakota Access DAPL may have exaggerated the amount of jobs that the pipeline will create, (The Government Quietly Just Approved This Enormous Oil Pipeline, 2016), I don't think the Dakota Access pipeline is worth
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