What Are The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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Medical practices constantly undergo research and updates. They change as newer and better options become discovered. Medical marijuana continuously undergoes series of debates on its legality and usefulness. However, this topic requires no further debate. The pros of medical marijuana outweigh the cons. Most medical professions do not deny marijuana's potential curative powers. Also, medical marijuana holds roots in medical history. People used medical marijuana in the past due to positive effects it had. Most people do not believe that medical marijuana contains magical properties that will cure every symptom and illness. However, some diseases and symptoms would strongly benefit from medical marijuana. The problem lies with the lack of certainty that accompanies medical marijuana due to the illegality of it. As more and more physicians conduct research, the more knowledgeable people will become. The more educated people become on medical marijuana,…show more content…
First of all, many people claim that medical marijuana lacks evidence. However, any lack of evidence relates to, "legal restrictions [that] have hampered research and clinical experience, which could provide evidence on marijuana's therapeutic applications" (Horowitz 320). People cannot argue against the lack of evidence when the scheduling of medical marijuana limits researcher's access to it. Therefore, this argument cannot hold much weight. Another argument relating to evidence relates to cases where medical marijuana does not provide the best results. Some studies show that, "there is low quality evidence that cannabinoids improve symptoms associated with sleep disorders and Tourette symptoms" (Metts 181). However, dismissing a drug that does not benefit every disease does not make sense. That would be similar to dismissing cough medicine because it does not help back pain. No drug needs to work for every single

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