What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Public School Or Private School

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Parents have a lot of decisions to make when raising their children. One of those decisions involves their children’s education. The decision to enroll a child into a public school or a private school has several pros and cons. When making this decision, they need to consider their child’s academics, athleticism and also need to be aware of the financial responsibilities.
Public and private schools both have the general program of math, english, reading, writing, science, history and physical education. Public schools give you more classes to further your career in whatever you desire to do. For example, most public schools offer music, art, foreign languages, technology, and career education programs. Many states keep track on the success of the students learning through standardized testing. The states determine what the minimum achievement level must be in order for a student to receive credit for a certain course. Private schools are known to have a harder academic reputation. Often, their grading scale is more difficult. Public schools offer some college prep classes, while private schools usually have college prep as their main focus. Generally, class size differs between public schools and private schools. Public are free, so most people send their children there because many can’t afford private school tuition. This causes public schools to have larger class size. With public, you don’t have as much one on one time as you can get at private schools. For public

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