What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being Standardized

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I believe that standardized tests are pointless and schools focus more on the students passing them than actually learning valid information. They judge a student based on how well they test. In school from a young age you are taught that the standardized tests determines how intelligent you are. I have always been an inadequate test taker, I often struggled with doing well on the standardized tests we take in school. I am a conscientious student, I care about my grades and learning, but when I was younger I often scored basic or below basic on standardized tests. I still get stressed out about standardized tests, which causes me to do worse. I know I am not the only one who gets anxious at the moment the test is put in front of me. I always can feel my heart pounding outside my chest when the test is handed out. Schools make such a big deal now about doing well on these tests, therefore it makes the student feel so pressured to pass.

I think schools have stopped concerning themselves about the students actually learning and now focus more on them passing standardized tests. For most of my biology class we would
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They do not demonstrate how creative you are, which limits many creative people. Standardized tests may lower a person's self confidence, thus frustrating them in the learning process. Education is suppose to be about gaining more knowledge to apply and utilize in the future rather than recalling specific facts. Not doing well on tests discourages students yearning to learn, lowering their confidence of how smart they actually are, I know this because it happened me. I would take a standardized test and get it back and be told I am below average, thus shaking my confidence of how smart I am. I believe we should not have to take standardized test because they do not accurately show how intelligent a person is, they cause a lot stress, and may hurt a person’s self
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