What Are The Pros And Cons Of Anglo American Plc In South Africa

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Portfolio 2 Submission Case: Anglo American PLC in South Africa (from Lesson 5) 1. Who are the various stakeholders that Anglo American needs to consider as it adopts an effective HIV/AIDs strategy? o Anglo American’s stakeholders are its employees, the employee’s families, their communities that they reside in. Political officials, health organization, its shareholders, hospitals, drug companies and anyone else that may be affected or can help this health epidemic. This is not a problem just for Anglo, it’s also a global concern that if not effectively managed could have much bigger implications and consequences. It is beyond financials although, these are affected as well. 2. What are the pros and cons of Anglo American’s adoption of an…show more content…
What policies or courses of action would you recommend to a company that produces HIV/AIDS drugs? o They have a huge responsibility by the sheer fact, that they are the only option for health support for those infected with the virus. There are no alternatives. With this fact in mind however, they also have a social responsibility to keep cost affordable. This however comes at a cost to the company producing said drug. In order to do so, I would recommend partnering with government, non-profit and Health organizations to subsidize the cost and resources extended into this market, so that those effected can afford that resource. Video: Global Ethics (from Lesson 5) 1. How do ethics influence decisions in international business? o Ethics refers to widely accepted principals of right or wrong that govern the actions of a person or business. Within international business however, these widely accepted principles may vary from region to region. When considering a global brand or how your organization will be perceived on a national scale, often times decisions made will take into consideration the ethical stance of another nation on their practices or perception of practices. 2. How is gift giving different from bribery? o When a person or organization is given a gift, there is no expectation of return (in any form) less gratitude. When a person or organization is bribed, there is an implicit expectation of something in

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