What Are The Purpose And Purpose Of Education

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Purpose, Benefits, and Goals of Patient, Staff and Student Education
The main purpose of education is to increase the know-how and confidence of patients to manage their own self-care and of staff and students to deliver high-quality care.

Benefits of education to patients:
a) Education reduces occurrence of illness complications
b) It increases compliance with treatment
c) It reduces/decreases anxiety
d) Education maximizes level of independence
e) It increases patients’ satisfaction
f) It improves quality of life/improves level of understanding
g) It ensures continuity of care and the patient know exactly what has been administered on him/her

Benefits of education to staff:
a) Education improves job satisfaction for staff as it exposes them to learning new things and
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Counselling is essentially a permissive relationship; that is, the individual has permission to say what they please without being reprimanded or judged. iii. All decision-making rests with the patient. iv. Counselling is centred on the difficulties of the patient.
v. Counselling is a learning circumstance which eventually results in a behavioural modification. vi. Effectiveness in counselling depends largely on the readiness of the patient to make changes and the therapeutic rapport with the counsellor.

Listening Skills
i. Listen attentively to the patient in an attempt to understand both the content of their problem, as they see it, and the emotional as they are experiencing becomes a major problem. ii. Do not make interpretations of the patient's problems or offer any early suggestions as to how to deal with, or resolve the issues presented. iii. Listen and try to understand the concerns being presented. Most people want and need to be heard and understood, not advised.

Active Listening Skills
i. Paying attention: Eye contact, nodding, gesticulation etc. ii. Hearing before evaluating. iii. Listening to the whole message. iv. Paraphrasing what was heard.
v. Probe for causes and
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