What Are The Relevant Professional Standards?

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What are the relevant professional standards? (Kyte, 2012). The relevant professional standards in the hospital include getting a yearly flu shot or wearing a mask to prevent spread of the flu from the nurse to the patient or from the patient to the nurse (Gounley, 2013). It is still a personal decision whether or not to get the flu shot under a professional standard. Darling states:
We don’t understand why a healthcare worker would choose to go unvaccinated unless there are medical contraindications or religious objections to doing so, as the vaccine has a long track record of being a safe and effective way of preventing the spread of disease. Being that health care workers take care of the sick, we strongly believe they should be required to take all reasonable steps to protect the health of patients (as cited in Geyer, 2012).
To be professional as a nurse, it is essential to keep clean hygiene and prevent diseases. “Hand washing is a basic principle that we know is the first and often most important reason in preventing infection” (Silva & Ludwick, 2006). Hospitals have standards such as wearing masks, putting on personal protective equipment (PPE), and receiving flu shots to prevent the spread of the flu to patients and co-workers. When a nurse enters a patient’s room, the nurse needs to explain to the patient why he or she is wearing a mask due to any controversies that may arise. Nurses need to abide by the professional standards of trying to control the
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