What Are The Ruins Of The Berlin Wall

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The Berlin Wall was much more than a geographical border. On either side are two ways of understanding politics, culture, ideology, humanity itself were consolidated. On November 9, 1989, when it collapsed peacefully, Eastern Europe had to reinvent itself, and West found that not everything was a gulag on the other side of the Iron Curtain. The ruins of the wall today are a scar that has something of a symbol: the wound in history have left major totalitarianisms of the twentieth century (Taylor). The wall separated families, friends and relations, affecting publics on both sides to suffer the loss of their occupations and livings if trapped on the wrong side. The first individual to be executed attempting to cross the fence was Gunter Litfin, on 24 August 1961. Its 50 years as the Berlin Wall went up, dividing the city in two, separating relatives, and affecting various individuals overwhelmed by a sense of captivity and detention. A lot of people still give birth to the psychological wounds (Pugh).…show more content…
The strip was enclosed with scraped shingle or grit which made the trails of apostates easy to observe and presented wall sentries a clear line of fire. Beds of pins were also stationed under verandas the Death Strip. On the popular view, the first to be indignant is primarily the East residents working in the West, and who receives a decent salary. The neighbors, families are suddenly separated. The weeks following the building provide many photographs, mainly from Western journalists and used by Western propaganda, on which one can see the distressing scenes. For example, grandmothers speaking of hand signals to their grandchildren across the wall, recent and therefore still low (Pugh). The fall of the Berlin Wall will always be the symbol of the effectiveness and credibility of this Europe in a globalized world and its superiority against the
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