What Are The Similarities And Differences Between Southwest Asia And South Asia

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Southwest Asia & South Asia

Southwest Asia and South Asia in some ways there similar and in some different. I compare this places. Physical Geography. Southwest Asia includes Arabian Peninsula , Syrian-Palestinian mountains, plains of Mesopotamia. The peculiarity of the geological structure African platform. Red Sea and Syrian graben deeply lowered the northern section of the East African Rift Valley. The eastern part foredeeps Alpine age Mesopotamia and the Persian Gulf. The peculiarity of nature with features of the climate. Dominated continental tropical air mass. The high average annual temperatures, little rainfall - so dominated by semi-desert and desert. The oldest centers of civilization, the center of Arab culture. The richest oil reserves (over 30% of production in the capitalist countries), gas, a number of ore deposits.Mesopotamia.
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Higher in India and Pakistan. But they are an agrarian country. For all the South Asian countries are typical multi-structural and agrarian economy. The first Europeans were delighted with the variety of patterns, colors and quality fabrics. Muslin length of 20 m was placed in a snuffbox. Accumulated tradition in metal smelting and dressing products of iron, copper, bronze. Local products successfully withstood the foreign competition and diverged widely by country. During the colonial period, the influx of cheap factory fabrics, iron, ceramics, paper products from England led to a massive destruction (artisanal) South Asian industry. When the South Asian countries achieved independence, the industry was only in India. Other countries still had to create it. The agrarian reforms carried out in many countries contributed to the growth of agricultural production. Only in Nepal and Bhutan are still dominated by subsistence
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