What Are The Similarities Between Greek And Roman Mythology

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Rebecca McKenney
Greek and Roman Mythology in Translation
Mrs. McCleanhan
13 October 2016
Prostátis Apo Eiríni
We have heard of war deities and deities who defend justice, but you may not have heard of Prostátis Apo Eiríni. He is the Protector of the Peace. When he decides to walk among us, we casually overlook him. Who would think that a five foot five man wearing a semi-formal black and white suit with a dark gray trench coat and a dark brown Tyrolean hat would be considered a deity? He is an extrovert kind man who wonders through the world in search of a person who seeks out justice and peace. It is no wonder why, on several occasions, he has appeared at a courthouse or in the middle of a protest. Prostátis Apo Eiríni isn’t your typical
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For the first several years, Prostátis Apo Eiríni tried to keep his head down and tried to learn the law of mortals since he wanted to be treated like a normal guy. A rumor has it, that he first appeared at a courthouse just outside of Athens in a town that has long been forgotten in history. Two men appeared before a judge with a grave grievance. The first man accused the other of stealing his prized cow and trying to sell it back to him for a profit. As Prostátis Apo Eiríni approached, the argument grew to be more aggressive. Prostátis Apo Eiríni reached down his coat, pulled out the Calming Whistle, and blew. A sweat sound filled the air and soon the two men had ceased their vocal…show more content…
He wanted to lash out at them, in fact he nearly would have destroyed the town where it not for the fact that he saw a child. Quickly, he take off his coat and flung it into the air. The higher the coat went, the larger it grew until the whole area was covered with darkness. The people began to notice a since of despair for what they had done and began to weep. But before the streets were too wet to walk, the coat gave a bright light and filled the air with humor. They townsfolk laughed and laughed. The coat returned to Prostátis Apo Eiríni back into its normal shape and size. But the laughter would not end until after he left the town. The moment he left the town boundaries, the people gained control of themselves and forgot what had caused the incident in the first
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