What Are The Similarities Between Hitler And Stalin

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Two of the most influential figures of the 20th century, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, have changed the world that we know today. Adolf Hitler is accountable for the start of World War II after the invasion of Poland. This war will lead to the loss of 3% of the world’s population at the time and will leave many parts of Europe annihilated. Though both of their empires will eventually fall, Hitler and stalin have many distinct similarities between them such as they were both dictators, mass murderers, and rulers of countries they were not from.
Adolf Hitler took over Germany in 1933 after taking power legally when President Von HIndenburg died. And Joseph Stalin took over the USSR in 1929 after sending his opposer, Trotsky, into exile after the death of Vladimir Lenin. These two events will set the scene for the two most ruthless dictators the world will ever know. Hitler and Stalin
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He will enlist in World War I and earn two bravery medals. He will then join the Nazi party and eventually become Fuhrer of it. Joseph Stalin on the other hand will become highly involved in politics and criminal activities when he is a young man. He will be involved with the radicals to overthrow the government with Vladimir Lenin and Bolshevik party but, will be arrested six times and put into exile for trying to overthrow the government (HItler is also arrested for trying to overthrow the government once). When Stalin is allowed to come back into the country this is when there become parallels between Hitler and Stalin. They both, after jail/exile, will try to revive their political party and become successful. They will both also be able to get their Political party into power. After the death of both their countries leaders, Hitler and Stalin will then take over and become the Dictators we know today. They have had similar ways to get into power and have committed similar actions while in
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