What Are The Similarities Between Internal And External Validity In Research

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Not all studies are perfect, and therefore there are aspects that need to be improved to make this research more valid, reliable and accurate. These factors that need to be considered include internal and external validity. Internal validity is concerned with eliminating confounding variables with a study, whilst external validity refers to generalisation. (University of New England, 2000) Within this article, the external validity is compromised as the internal validity is heavily controlled. The participants were selectively chosen through criteria and all participants were mature aged men with osteoarthritis. This controlled selection, therefore, makes the study difficult to be generalised to the outer population, as the recruitment is specific.…show more content…
The experiment itself was also not conducted in a controlled environment as each participant was tested in different environments, which once again effects the internal validity of this study. Bias is also evident in this article, which consequently impacts the reliability of this research. The drug Meriva is mentioned more heavily than the drug chondroitin. The unsatisfactory amount of information on the drug chondroitin makes it difficult for readers to thoroughly to grasp the full understanding of the drug itself. The hypothesis and conclusion were not clearly evident or even stated within the research article and therefore, this consequently effects the validity and reliability. The procedure explained in the article was vague and contained little detail about how the method was
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