What Are The Similarities Between Law Enforcement Agencies And Systems

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Law Enforcement Agencies and Systems Throughout history, law enforcement has greatly evolved and presently continues to improve with better hiring selections, crime solving technology and community policing. This paper will explain some of the similarities and differences in the development of modern law enforcement agencies and systems throughout the United States. Some of the similarities in small rural areas are that historically and today a sheriff was/is the most important law enforcement official and the main source of crime control in the county (Peak, 2015). Since the nineteenth century the powers and duties of the sheriff have not changed much today; the sheriff can still deputize common citizens (Peak, 2015). Some differences are that historically the sheriff was paid a fixed amount for each task they performed and since criminal acts happened so irregularly they usually ignored them (Peak, 2015). Today the sheriff is an elective official with several responsibilities that he or she must adhere to and he or she receives the same yearly salary regardless of the work load (Peak, 2015).…show more content…
Differences in policing today began with the political era which transformed policing that entailed the development of an ethical police force (Peak, 2015). Similarities in policing today are that police officers are still expected to utilize ethical methods and although policing has evolved and continues to, the majority of major United States cities still have a police force that is based on Peel’s model (Peak, 2015). Another similarity and difference in urban policing is that historically and today police patrolled on horse and foot, whereas now there are far more forms of preventive patrol such as using battery-powered Segway and helicopter (Peak,
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