What Are The Similarities Between Macbeth And Othello

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William Shakespeare is the playwright in which the works of Macbeth and Othello are written . These works are both written in Shakespeare's signature style of tragedy where a character experiences a reversal of fortune at the hands of their own actions. A true tragic hero is a character who is admired while being flawed; has both good and evil characteristics; experiences a hamartia, a moral mistake or ignorant error; is given an opportunity for redemption yet continues refusing; experiences the reversal of fortune of falling in positional rank; and can be pitied by the audience. The first tragedy, Othello is a play set in sixteenth century Venice, in which a tale of jealousy and manipulation unfolds between the marriages and friendships…show more content…
While in Othello the jealousy Othello has due to Desdemona’s suspected affair does not make his followers lose value in him as a general. This loss of admiration of the characters contributes to the reversal of fortune in Macbeth just as the character flaw contributes to Macbeth’s reversal of circumstances. Likewise, tragic heroes demonstrate the element of hamartia which is a moral mistake or ignorant error contributing to their reversal of circumstances. When Othello trusts Iago’s judgement on his wife’s suspected affair instead of asking Desdemona for her side of the story he is unknowingly acting out his ignorant error. Macbeth on the other hand commits a murder in order to take over the position that was “fated” to him causing his moral mistake due to his ambition to achieve power.The awareness of Macbeth's mistake strengthens him as a tragic hero because the characteristic transition was intentional and done with though contrary to Othello’s accidental mistake. The downfall of tragic heroes is the peripeteia, the reversal of circumstances. Macbeth was crowned king and as he gained more power over the people he uses his power negatively and the people develop a resistance in order to overthrow his power. However, Othello does not experience the same loss in rankas Macbeth and until his death he is considered the general and has the devotion of his followers. Consequently, the true
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