What Are The Similarities Between Mannerism And Realism

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Mannerism and Realism are two periods in the history of art that did not born by themselves but were part of a greater movement or originate because they do not accept the convention of the previous movement. In these essay the main artists from these two movement will be compared in order to show how art has changed over three centuries of world changes. The first artist that will be analyzed is El Greco from Mannerism and the second one is Gustave Courbet, a representative of Realism. An interesting fact about these two artist is that even though they lived in different epochs they have chosen the same theme for one of their paintings and this allows to a more detailed comparison in order to see how the historical context and the movements…show more content…
El Greco was fascinated by the Italian Reinassance and by Mannerism, he uses art to express his religious fervor and devotion in paintings like "Burial of Count Orgaz" instead Courbet is living in a period of political instabily and fights for the civil rights so he found himself closer to Realism, an art movement that express these values and produce his masterpiece "Burial at Ornans" to show that common people have the same dignity and were not inferior to other social classes such as aristocracy and that art should focus more on the depiction of the common. The transition from what is pleasant and idealized to what is its opposite is abrupt and not gradual and it is caused by political events like the French reovolution where the painters, spokesman of the society along with writers, refused to represent what is good to be seen but the reality that still should be valued and this is why the Burial at Ornans had become more popular and appreciated over time even though at the beginning it was highly criticized instead The Burial of Count Orgaz can be clearly put in the category of religious art in this case intepreted according to the Mannerist convections. However nothing is removed to the creativity of these two artist that have interpreted the same theme to reach two completely different results that will remain unique in art
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