What Are The Similarities Between North And South Korea

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The two governmental structures that I have chosen to analyse are those of North and South Korea. Despite being in very close quarters their governmental structures differ greatly. North Korea is a Communist state with “a one man dictatorship” (CIA World Fact Book), South Korea on the other hand, is a republic democracy (CIA World Fact Book).

North Korea is the subject of one supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. The executive branch involves the head of government, Premier PAK Pong Ju and vice premiers, and the cabinet- also known as ‘Naegak’ - both are elected by the Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA) (CIA World Fact Book). The SPA is North Korea's “rubber-stamp legislature”, with 687 delegates (Inside North Korea's Supreme People's Assembly, 2015 ), they come under the legislative branch and are also known as ‘Ch'oego Inmin Hoeui.’ The Judicial branch is headed by The Supreme Court, here the judges are chosen by the SPA. Despite this three-way division of power, balance and checks have no meaning in North Korea - “a country characterised by a one-party dictatorship” (Understanding North Korea, 2012). The North Korean legal system involves a “civil law system based on the Prussian model”, inspired by Communist legal theory. (CIA World Fact Book)
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The executive powers here include the chief of state, President PARK Geun-hye, head of government, Prime Minister and deputy prime ministers, their powers are that of the premiers in the North Korea government. The cabinet is appointed by the President under the recommendations of the Prime Minister. Elections are won by a majority vote. The legislative branch follows the order of The National Assembly, which has 300 seats (CIA World Fact
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