What Are The Similarities Between The Aztec And Inca Civilizations

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The Aztec and Incan civilizations had more advantages and disadvantages over one another. The Aztec Empire developed in modern-day Mexico in the 1350s to 1520s CE and were known for their large military power, and for creating conflict with other peoples. The Inca Empire developed in the Andes Mountains and from the 1500s to the 1630s CE and were known for Machu Picchu. They each carried different aspects of PERSIA that helped them make strong and sustainable empires. The Aztecs and Inca were complex religiously, politically, and geographically, but overall the Inca were a more sustainable civilization because of their religious and political advantages. Religiously, the Aztec and Inca had many similarities and differences, especially in how their religious beliefs impacted their everyday lives and how their gods were connected to the world around them. The Aztecs and Incas were religiously similar because their gods and the religious following were connected deeply with nature and how the world around them. “Almost all religions in the ancient Andes was deeply connected to nature and to the success of farming. The Inca religion was no exception.” (Inca gallery walk 7) and in the Aztec religion they served the gods in hopes of ideal weather for farming. “… were killed to please or appease the gods and hope in exchange for better weather, for example.” (Aztec gallery walk 1) These religious behaviors and beliefs gravely impact the daily lives and knowledge of each
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