What Are The Similarities Between The Stoas And Roman Basilica

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Greek Stoas and Roman Basilicas are two different phrases that are almost of identical meaning. Both of Greek Stoas and Roman Basilicas have few things in common, but on the other hand they have a lot of major differences. They are constructed according to the cultures they are found in and the time period they were built in. During that time period, both cultures’ religions had great impact on everything they built. These two cultures believed to have a god for everything existed on earth. Their aim was to build a tremendous and nicely developed wonders to honor their gods, so they had to finish it flawlessly with not a single mistake and with high accuracy and good organization. The Stoas are found in Greece and the Basilicas are found in Romania. The architecture elements that date back to hundreds of years made these buildings an example…show more content…
These buildings were counted as the town hall. If there was an important meeting for the entire town, either the Stoa or the Basilica was the place that gathered all people in town. Both the Greek and Roman civilizations had great interest in sports. In both building, there was a closed arena to practice physical exercises. These two buildings gave ideas to nowadays gymnasiums and palastria (the place where martials arts are taught). In both the Stoa and the Basilica, one of the main factors was the marketplace, and that is one of the things that made these buildings acts as the town hall because of the facilities that were found there. Despite the fact, that there was so many entertainment facilites in these buildings, they were also considered as secular buildings. Religious ceremonies were held in the Stoas and the Basilicas, and the Basilicas held more religious ceremonies. These maybe the common factors between them but they are different in so many other
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