What Are The Similarities Between Willy And Linda Loman

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After returning home from a failed business trip, Willy Loman and Linda Loman discuss Willy’s job and their sons. Linda leaves and Willy begins talking to himself, the first sign of his insanity. Biff Loman and his brother Happy are in their room reminiscing the days of old and discussing their problems with their father. Despite Happy’s words of comfort, Biff thinks that Willy is mocking him, and Biff admits that his life is a disappointment. The household hears Willy talking loudly to himself, and Willy holds a lengthy imaginary conversation about his good memories with younger versions of his family from the past. Charley, Willy’s rich neighbor, enters, and the two play cards; Willy imagines that Ben, his brother that died in Africa, is there as well.…show more content…
Linda tells the children about Willy’s problem, and she tells them it’s their fault for ignoring their father, informing the boys of the work troubles their father has had providing money for the family and that he even considered suicide. Biff offers to go and get a good job, exciting the family, and Biff organizes the interview for the next
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