What Are The Similarities Of The Native American Beliefs

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Do you remember the people who were here in the America’s before us? The people who helped the early English settlers survive, but were treated harshly and were removed off their lands. The Native Americans were vital to the understanding of survival in the America’s and had their own beliefs of how the world came about . They came up with pictographs and other myths to explain their beliefs.The Native Americans share many similarities about the creation of the world and mankind to that of my own, and their literature reveals many other values as well. To start off, they believed in “The Creating Power” who was like their God. “There was a world before this one, but the people in it did not know how to behave themselves or how to act human”(Sioux). The actions of the people displeased the Creating Power, so he decided to make a new one. The Creating Power sang four songs, stomped on the earth four times, and the earth began to flood. All of the people and the animals were drowned by the flood. Meanwhile, there was one crow that survived and kept asking for the creating power to make a place, for it so it could land. The creating had a pipe bag that he contained all manner of animals and birds who could stay underwater for a long period time. The creating power demand several animals from the pipe bag to dive to the bottom and bring up a lump of mud, but they all failed. The creating sang a fourth song and lifted the turtle out of the bag. The turtle dived and stayed

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