What Are The Six Elements Of An Organization 's Structure

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1. Identify the six elements of an organization 's structure.
To start off, Organizational structure is the way in how a job task are divided, grouped, and or coordinated. Within this structure there are six elements which are as followed; Work Specialization. Departmentalization, Chain of command, span of control, Centralization and Decentralization, and Formalization. To begin, Work Specialization is the element in which the task is broken up into separate jobs that someone within a group or team can handle. An example of this can be Henry Ford assembly line model in which each worker had a job to build the model T but it was broken down to simpler easier jobs. But at the end, this will result in a full task and in this example the model
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This result in the employee having minimal or no freedom at all. But if formalization is low, then that means there are no guidelines on how the job is done and is open to the employee input into how the work gets done. This type of formalization give the employee the most freedom.
2. Identify the characteristics of a bureaucracy.
To start, bureaucracy is an organization with a lot of red tape. This means that the organization has very formalized rules and guidelines, jobs are grouped into functional departments, there is a centralized authority, very narrow spans of control, and decision go from the top to the bottom. The characteristics of a bureaucracy are that they are standardized and as well since of all the standardization they can perform tasks really effectively. But since they follow the rules exactly this can result in bureaucracy not being as efficient in situations that do not fit the rules given to them. As such, Bureaucracy are effective when it comes to task and things familiar with the rules but it’s major weakness is lack of innovation and as well situations that do not follow the rule.
3. Describe a matrix organization.
First a matrix organization is based off the matrix structure. The matrix structure is an organization structure that creates dual line of authority and as well combines functional and product departmentalization. A matrix organization as such follows this structure it help
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