What Are The Six Features Of Physical Education

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Physical Education Assignment
In this essay I wish to discuss how one can promote each the six features as outlined by (Kretchmar, 2006) in primary physical education. Oxford dictionary defines meaningful as 'serious, important or worthwhile' (Oxford University Press, 2017). This, in relation to physical education in a primary context, means that for pupils to gain from the lesson, it must have some form of
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This feature refers to a pupil's awareness of why they take part in physical education. Without such an awareness, pupils may develop lackadaisical attitudes towards the subject 'due to an inability to find relevance in what they were learning, some students expressed a desire to focus on what they perceived to be more "academic" subjects' (Beni et al., 2016 P. 13). To combat this, perhaps the best practical method is to introduce the motor-skill early in the lesson, then move onto the game or activity which requires the use of the skill for example, learning how to kick a ball is followed by a game of soccer or wall-ball. Such a sequence in a lesson will give pupils a sense of meaningfulness in what they are learning hence should sustain their personal experience of physical
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