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Learning English as a foreign language demands learning the four skills of the language which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. The four skills of language are divided into two groups: the productive skills (writing and speaking), and receptive skills (reading and listening). In this paper much attention will be paid mainly to one category of language skills and those are productive skills. In my experience as a teacher of English in Egypt, I have met many students who have some challenges with writing and speaking English. This essay will spot the most common challenges that my students faced and how they overcame these challenges.
Starting with speaking skill, fluency is the main target of teaching speaking. According to Hughes
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When the students translate Arabic into English they sometimes use words causing misunderstanding and confusion. For example, a sentence like “Flu infection spreads by peace with hand” is grammatically correct but meaningless. The student means “Flue infection is caused by greetings and handshakes". The words greetings and peace are of the same meaning in Arabic so the student wrote one instead of the other.
To overcome such a challenge, EFL learners have to read more texts in the target language to enhance their vocabulary and how to put vocabulary into context. Also it is important for teachers to make the students aware of the differences in the structure of their native language and the target language. The only way to improve students’ speaking and writing skills is to put them into use. Students’ writing, like their speaking, can only benefit from exposure to a wide-range of situations which require specific skills and language. A teacher will want to ensure that she/he is giving students practice in all areas of writing and
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