What Are The Strength And Weaknesses Of Microsoft

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Microsoft Company has brand loyalty and a positive brand reputation. Being one of the pioneers in the technology industry, the company has a large base of trusted clients who believe that Microsoft`s products are the best in the market. The company also has a strong distribution channel, which enables it to reach their retailers and clients conveniently. The company has an outstanding financial performance, which enables it to stand the various financial shocks in the technological industry . Such strengths make Microsoft Company one of the leading companies in the competitive industry.
Microsoft Company makes poor decisions on acquisitions and investments. The company also has a high dependence on manufacturers of
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The managers in rating the performance of their employees, which would determine underperformers and award the top rated employees, used the stack ranking strategy as a tool. However, this strategy was scrapped in 2013 and helped shape the motivation of the employees in the company . This is a strength since employees are motivated and do not have to work under pressure in fear of being underrated.
There exists a weak system in the labor structure of Microsoft Company. There have been issues on how the company treats its employees. Some employees have been complaining of being considered as permatemp, thereby not enjoying the full benefits of working for the company. The company has also been pointed for overworking its employees. Some workers have experienced job burnout only few years after joining the company. Such treatment of employees reduces their motivation and eventual decline in production.
Strengths and weaknesses in
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Satya has created a humble culture that acknowledges the contribution of other employees in the development of the company. Such a culture has improved the planning process where leaders can work together in developing strategies and objectives in attaining the goals of the company. In addition, the planning of all the strategies undertakes a process from bottom to top in ensuring that all stages of management have verified the process . Such a hierarchy in planning ensures that all flaws have been checked before any idea reaches the implementation

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