What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Campbellon

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Swot analysis Strengths of Campbell Steady sales figures over the years Campbell Soup Company is focusing on product expansion in three area that was simple meals, baked snacks, and healthy beverages to maintain sales growth. The company plans to improve its product lines in these areas through the introduction of new healthier and more convenient product, as well as the expansion of these lines in both developed and emerging markets. Promising breakthrough innovation The Campbell Soup Company invested in innovation to maintain the appeal and excitement of their brands, new recipes to improve taste and quality where they had slipped and line extensions that provide taste adventure and respond well to new consumer need and interest. The Campbell…show more content…
The special about the Progresso is has low-sodium, ready-to-serve and rich, hearty soups which directly reflect the Campbell’s healthy request and chunky soup. Progresso’s low-sodium soups were released shortly before Campbell’s and have been successful. This situation will make Campbell’s faces an extremely competitive market because of the similarities between each soup producer. Therefore, Campbell’s will have to maintain its gourmet soup reputation, as well as continue to develop new soup to compete from Progresso and other similar soup maker’s…show more content…
In addition, Campbell’s other segments have not produced consistent profits. Shifting consumer habits and preferences indicate the need to constantly innovate their products and minimize costs, in order to retain loyal consumers and keep up with the fast-changing consumer environment. Extensive laws The company is governed by a multitude of local and international laws and regulation with regards to food and safety and regulation with regards to food safety and environmental standards. For instance, in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Campbell’s food products inspected before the product can be marketed the consumer. The company faces the risks of fines, injunctions, recalls or asset captures, and criminal sanctions if it violates these laws and

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