What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Ecco

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The Danish shoe manufacturer ECCO has been a very successful company in its industry. It has strived to set its commitment to offer comfort, design, and a perfectly fitting shoe. ECCO has focused to gain and maintain full control of the value chain. As the case study mentioned, ECCO was in charge of the process from “cow to shoe;” (Nielsen, Pedersen & Pyndt, 2008, 4) since they considered the following as stated in the case: “we cannot get the best quality if we do not do it ourselves” (Nielsen, Pedersen & Pyndt, 2008, 5). As ECCO continued to grow, international competition also grew forcing ECCO to locate primarily production and tanning activities from their value chain offshore in low-cost countries. This matter caught most of management’s…show more content…
These strengths have allowed the brand to obtain superiority and a competitive advantage in the market. In order to continue to be a leader in the shoe industry it has to work on improving its weaknesses, taking advantage of its opportunities, and being careful with the threats that surround them. To my personal opinion their biggest weakness is the poor branding, promotion and marketing process they have of the brand. This weakness arises many other weaknesses and possible threats, blocking them from taking advantage over several opportunities. ECCO has to find a way to shift some of its focus from the value chain to departments of marketing and advertising without causing any declines in the value chain. The correct implementation of a marketing plan, branding and promotion process will allow ECCO to conquer much…show more content…
This would reduce the threat at its minimum of poor customer loyalty or even the threat of substitutes and competition since ECCO would create brand awareness of their quality, comfort, and perfect fitting shoe. To my point of view I consider that it is good that the company is aware that their unique production and technology will not last forever but now they have to find a way to implement a marketing, branding, and promotion strategy that will help them last forever. They have to seek excellence, recognition, and trust in their brand and products. Once they have achieved that, among with their leading technology ECCO will be the best in the industry for sure and if they manage to enhance that excellence, they will be able to maintain their status and competitive advantage through out

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