What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Mastering Of Leadership

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Nowadays, business complexity becomes a challenge for many leaders. It is an obstacle to develop the most of organization. Therefore, there is a need for a leader who has a complicated mind to handle complex problems. As a result, Anderson and Adams have written Mastering Leadership to help the leaders who want to deal with business complexity. This book is considered as two books in one. The first half of the book illustrates the framework of leadership which can be shown in the Universal Model of Leadership. This model is used to improve the leadership skills. The second half of the book presents the roadmap for greater leadership effectiveness. The book also includes case studies and research that connects the leadership effectiveness with the business performance and leaders’ consciousness that provides an integrated package for leadership development. The book offers various strengths suitable for many leaders. There are a few weaknesses that should be considered to improve the quality of the book.
Robert J. Anderson and William A. Adams are the authors of the book.
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The strength of the book is presented in leadership promises, inner and outer games and the universal model of leadership. However, some weaknesses should be considered to improve the quality of the book such as lack of sufficient information about leadership game and self -understanding. Since the book was only limited to the business leadership field, it can be improved by providing reasonable and practical examples after a full explanation of the main idea. The book includes strong theories to improve the leadership skills and the way of thinking. As a result, It would be valuable for the authors to include examples from different fields to make the book valuable for everyone. Lastly, this book is an excellent resource to improve leadership skills to achieve the overall success in
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