What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Uber

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Without a doubt, at the rate Uber is growing now, the future to expand into international markets like Canada looks very bright. However, in order to roll out an expansion as large as this it is necessary to capitalize on Uber’s strengths, and connect those strengths to external opportunities. In my SWOT diagram I have chosen to outline the strengths and opportunities that best support each other. To start, one of Uber’s main strengths is that their price and efficiency is highly superior when compared to a traditional taxi service. Uber can use their lower pricing, and shorter wait time to entice consumers that are opportunely unsatisfied with conventional taxi rates. Along with this, Uber was one of the first to launch a service with…show more content…
Another opportunity that follows this is that as the company grows, there will be a rise in company drivers as well. This will only better Uber’s strength in efficiency; having more drivers around will increase the chance that the driver’s will be in close proximity of customers. Many of the other strengths I highlighted in this SWOT diagram were based on the cost of operation for Uber being relatively low. Therefore, money that is saved on operational cost can be spent on exploiting opportunities to expand into new markets (Canada), or alternative consumer needs (moving trucks). However, expansions for the American company wont be easy when taking into account the internal weaknesses and external threats that they face. One of Uber’s main weaknesses is lack of differentiation among competition. There is really nothing in place to stop consumers, or drivers for that matter from flipping to a new company if they are offered a better deal. Lack of consumer and driver loyalty is based on the fact that the driving app allows for minimal connection between the clients or drivers, and the actual company of

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