What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Comcast

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Strengths and Weaknesses Comcast has maintained strong operating base through which its operations are well integrated from programming to distribution of services. Comcast presently provides video, Internet and phone services, expanding its signal reception sites by building antenna towers and head-ends, microwave facilities, fiber-optic cables and related equipment. Additional regional data centers were opened and equipped with devices that provide e-mail, news and web services to customers with high-speed Internet and digital phone services. Also, Comcast maintains two network operations centers with equipment that monitors and manages the company’s high-speed Internet network. Generally, Cable service provider, including Comcast operate their cable systems through contractors granted by local or state franchising authorities. This franchising approach not only allows flexibility, but broadens the accessibility of cable services to larger populations. Comcast’s strengths also include its Innovative culture, financial leverage, and new technology also contribute to Comcast’s strength. Comcast innovative culture allows the production of distinctive products and services that meet the consumers’ satisfaction and maximize the company’s profits. The financial leverage how Comcast could expand its operations with a…show more content…
Programming expenses to continue to be Comcast’s largest single expense item in the foreseeable future. The company's video programming expenses involves the license fees charged by cable networks and fees for retransmission of local broadcast television stations’ signals and by the number of video customers the company serves and the amount of content it provides. In recent years, the multichannel video programming distribution industry has continued to experience an increase in the cost of sports
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