What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Breadtalk

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Founded in July 2000 in Singapore by George Quek and his wife, Katherine Lee, BreadTalk Group Limited (“BreadTalk” or the “Group”) started off as a promising company specialised in the bakery business that was best known for its signature floss buns. Three years later, it had rapidly expanded into a major food retailer and was listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange in 2003. With the goal of becoming a global, trend-setting and lifestyle brand that focuses on food and beverage, BreadTalk started venturing and introducing new food culture and flavours to the market. Supported by over 7000 global staff base to date, the Group operates 917 outlets of boutique bakeries, restaurants and food atriums across 17 countries, namely Singapore,
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Unlike Food Republic, these chains have discount cards to build on customer loyalty and they have a broader reach to consumers as they operate more outlets in Singapore. Its largest competitors, Kopitiam, have even catered to the Muslin community by opening Banquet, a full-fledged Halal food court (scribd). On the other hand, the closest competitors of its restaurant business segment are Crystal Jade and Imperial Treasure restaurants, both of which offer a similar dining concept at comparable prices. Meantime, new entrants and existing bread firms like Four Leaves, Prima Deli Bakery and Bangawan Solo are also competing with BreadTalk directly to offer more bread selections. Similar product offerings are easily imitated at highly competitive prices which will significantly affect BreadTalk's revenue of the sales of bread. Lastly, threat of product substitutes is present for the Group as customers face low switching cost for takeaway snacks from joints such as Old Change Kee and Mr.

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