What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses Of The Jffd

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Legal Factors Legal factors determine the ethical and unethical or legal practices, which an organisation can engage in while pursuing the determined goals and targets at the end of each operational period. In this aspect, JFFD was able to achieve its goals and targets at the end of each operation through adherence to the rules and business laws such as licensing for the expansion process.
SWOT Analysis
One of the major strengths concerning the JFFD is the platform to offer healthy products and services for the dogs. Additionally, the institution focused on the exploitation of the adequate research and number of people willing to show concern on what their pets consume (Rapier 4). Based on this, the firm was able to develop different market segments and products with the objective of appealing to the holistic demands of the pet owners in the modern society. In the midst of effective positioning and messaging strategies, the institution was able to experience valuable success in its operations and activities.
One of the weaknesses, in this case, is the inability of the positioning and messaging strategies to function effectively and efficiently in the new location to aid realisation of the goals and targets of the corporation. From this perspective, it is obligatory for the firm to engage in executing effective market research in assessing the needs and expectations of the consumers in the new market.
The institution has the opportunity to exploit chances or potential outputs of the technological advancements in the modern context. Some of these opportunities relate to the social media for marketing and interaction with the consumers in the different markets and expectations. On the hand, it is ideal for the firm to expand its operations in the exploitation of the increased instances of globalisation.
One of the major threats to these operations is the existence of other operators in the region seeking to provide similar products, thus, the potentiality of increasing the level of competition in the market and industry of operation. Additionally, the firm might suffer from lack of flexibility of its messaging and positioning strategies following the expansion

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