What Are The Theme Of The Poem I Too

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Poetry plays an important role of changing helpless people’s situation. Poets are required figures in the modern and contemporary poetries because they explore, express and discuss almost everything about the lives of almost all people who are under threat in America including African Americans and other nationalities and religions like Indians and Muslims . Although each poet has his or her own voice, style, poetic form, life perspective and personal experience, all these poets share the same basic goal of making their poetry a turning point of America’s history and future and their lives. Thus, this essay will compare between three poems in term of their themes, some literary techniques and forms. These poems are: one contemporary poem…show more content…
Themes that are related to African Americans such as American’s identity, dream and equality. This poem not only shows Langston’s dream, but also shows the dream of all African American’s dream for a better life. A life that is empty of discrimination and segregation. Hughes and other African American poets seek for a new America that all Americans, Blacks, Whites and others can sit together in one table. Also, they are looking for having the same chance of achieving the American dream. This poem consists of five connected stanzas that are spoken by a black American who could be a servant for a White American. The speaker speaks with calm and quiet tone to show that he is sure of his words. Obviously, he is speaking to all people, and especially to Americans. In the beginning of the poem, “I, too, sing America” is just one line that forms a stanza. The speaker from the beginning stats that also African Americans have the right of celebrating and singing their belonging to America and being American. Moreover, the poem offers more information about the speaker. The speaker introduces himself as “the darker brother” to indicate that although he is black, he still a brother. Obviously, the speaker here is using the image of two brothers, one is black and the other is white. However, the darker brother here is not treated as a brother. He is hidden from other White people, sent to sit aside, separated from his White brother when others visit them. The speaker shows how White Americans discriminate against Black Americans. In general, the speaker is calling for brotherhood and equality. Moreover, being sent to places that are supposed to be places of working hard shows the intended meaning of not giving the African Americans the chance of achieving their dreams and goals. Hughes shows that African Americans are victims of White Americans just because they are born with
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